DeFi Talents - Marten Graebner

Marten Graebner

DeFi Talents - Marten Graebner

Nationality: Germany
Residence: Austria / Liechtenstein Germany

Field of study: International Law (LLB) + International Finance & Mgmt (Mlitt)
University: University of Sheffield + University of St. Andrews
Work experience: Banking (10+ yrs) | Consulting | B2B Sales | FinTech
Current affiliation: Confidential (international banking group)
Current position: Senior Manager Strategy and Group Projects

Why is DeFi interesting? Most of banking is abstract. Bits and bytes on databases with interfaces between different players.
For no-touch or low-touch financial products, decentralized approaches offer better, faster and cheaper solutions.
24/7 trading? Instant settlements? Real-time financial covenant monitoring? Immutable financial statements?
What an exciting and interesting time to be alive!