DeFi Talents - Umberto Prandi

Umberto Prandi


DeFi Talents - Umberto Prandi

Nationality: Italy, Germany
Residence: Munich, Germany

Field of study: Master of Business Administration (MBA), Concentration in Finance | CEMS Master’s in International Management | Public Administration and International Institutions Management
University: London Business School | CEMS | Università Bocconi
Work experience: 15 years of investment and financial services experience. Initially in corporate finance roles (M&A); currently in the investment management industry, working with institutional asset allocators
Current affiliation: PIMCO
Current position: Senior Vice President (Account Management) and Member of PIMCO’s Digital Asset Working Group

Why is DeFi interesting? I can clearly see multiple use cases for blockchain technology and for DeFi applications across financial services’ full value chains, including but not limited to areas such as back office, client onboarding, and portfolio management. I envision a future where DeFi and TradFi will converge and integrate. This will lead to major innovations in the financial system, which will become more efficient, transparent and inclusive.