DeFi Talents Partnership Announcement Template (3)

Partnership - Ledger Enterprise Solutions supports DeFi Talents

DeFi Talents
January 2022

DeFi Talents Partnership Announcement Template (3)

As the use case for cryptocurrency continues to popularize around the world, the team behind Ledger Enterprise Solutions has pledged a commitment to support a program – DeFi Talents – offered through the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management in Germany that focuses on teaching and mentoring people interested in the burgeoning world of DeFi (decentralized finance).

On the heels of Ledger’s ongoing international expansion earlier this fall, Ledger is keen to grow and foster a community of business and academic partners as the team advances its influence as the digital asset technology leader amongst the regions’ legacy financial institutions.

You can’t go anywhere without hearing someone talk about cryptocurrency,” said Frank Harzheim, Head of Sales EMEA at Ledger Enterprise Solutions. “People’s curiosity is at an all-time high and now it's starting to stretch in complex topics like DeFi. Working with the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is an exciting opportunity to support and fuel people’s curiosity about the flourishing world of crypto and to help provide real-world use cases on how digital assets are influencing the world.

The DeFi Talents program organized by the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management is open to students and working professionals alike who are interested in the nascent, yet exciting, world of digital assets and its application to business. The DeFi Talents program moves away from traditional lecture-based learning into guided self-study and research. Participants share what they learn in bi-weekly sessions.

The first DeFi Talents cohort consists of 100+ participants including developers, entrepreneurs, and executives from the traditional finance space from 25+ countries.

We strive to give applicants equal opportunities, regardless where they are from, the level their formal education is, or what their financial situation is. If they are passionate, they are welcome to join us,” said Cedric Heidt, program coordinator at DeFi Talents

Ledger supports the curriculum by holding webinars and guest lectures providing its unique expertise in blockchain technology, crypto asset management, and security to face all challenges related to the implementation of DeFi throughout the 10-week program. For more information, please visit: