DeFi Talents Partnership Announcement Blocksize Capital

Partnership - Blocksize Capital supports DeFi Talents

DeFi Talents
February 2022

DeFi Talents Partnership Announcement Blocksize Capital

As of fall 2021, Blocksize Capital is a proud sponsor of the 18-week long DeFi Talents mentoring program operated by the Frankfurt School Blockchain Center. The program aims to empower talent for leadership in the decentralized finance space, and it consists of 3 phases that are designed to usher ambitious career starters into the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. The DeFi space is increasing in importance like never before, and the DeFi Talents program is your opportunity to become an entrepreneur, a technologist, a lawyer, or an investor that is equipped with the right skill set in order to thrive in this environment.

Blocksize Capital is a leader in high-end trading software for digital assets. The team at Blocksize Capital enables financial institutions to offer digital asset-related trading services to their clients. They are a fast-growing provider of SaaS for banks and asset managers. Their solutions are enterprise-grade terminals for securing, trading, and supporting investments in digital assets. With a team of experienced financial business professionals and outstanding know-how in cryptography and distributed ledgers, they are transforming and improving the financial infrastructure.

Want to know more about DeFi at Blocksize Capital? Then connect with their Head of DeFi & Node Operations, Michael Wutzke