DeFi Talents Partnership Announcement Algorand Foundation

Partnership - Algorand Foundation supports DeFi Talents

DeFi Talents
February 2022

DeFi Talents Partnership Announcement Algorand Foundation

The DeFi Talents program is delighted to announce the partnership with the Algorand Foundation. Our friends from the Algorand Foundation will support the next two cohorts of the DeFi Talents program with funding through the Algorand Foundation Grant program.

The Algorand Foundation University Program is thrilled to be part of the DeFi Talents program. It is critical to have educational programs for diverse audiences that can provide hands-on learning experiences for young professionals - Hugo Krawczyk, Principal Researcher at Algorand Foundation and Head of the ACE program

Accepted students will learn about the Algorand protocol next to other blockchain domains and gain deep knowledge of the DeFi space.

With our stringent program and remote group coaching sessions, we are empowering our participants to build a footprint in the DeFi space and become entrepreneurs, technologists, lawyers, investors, or multiplicators in this field. We are excited to have Algorand Foundation as a partner to support the next generation of DeFi natives on their career path - Prof. Dr. Philipp Sandner